A Year in Color! 7 Color Palettes of 2011 (as featured on The Bride’s Cafe)

The lovely Janie over at The Bride’s Cafe posted a roundup of my color palettes this morning. (love her!) So here they are for you to be inspired! Click through to the Cafe at the link below this post for details & photo credits. 

Which Palette is your fave?! 

1. Cool Mint & Blush…

2. Shades of Seaglass…

3. Caramel Latte & Dusty Blue…

4. Deep Sea Blues…

5. Pink Lemonade & Khaki…

6. Lavender, Sage & Mauve…

7. Summer Coral & Gray…

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Hi! I stumbled across your blog, read your "about me" section, and was flabbergasted by the similarities! Just wanted to say I love your blog, and I'll look to you for inspiration for the blog I just started on weddings, @mittenweddings. <3

Thanks, lady! I’ll have to check out your blog! :-)

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Need a last minute DIY Christmas gift? How about a beautiful succulent wreath. Check out the step by step process here.


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in love with this dress&#8230; 

in love with this dress… 

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Just to explain myself some more (sorry, I just need to get this out there): I've dealt with a lot of people implying that the only reason that I'm getting married is for the same reasons irishabolitionist talked about. I think that even though you both (and the anon in the previous question) said that it is not true for everyone, no one should assume that a couple is getting married for the wrong reason. If they're in love and they think they're ready, so be it, regardless of their beliefs.

Oh my goodness no! I am not saying this is the norm, and I will be the first person to say that it’s not about how old you are- and some people are a lot more mature than others and truly ARE ready. But yeah I have witnessed some couples who really have just gotten married for that reason.. and in my circle of friends, everyone happens to be getting married young - not all of them are doing it for sex! In no way is this a stereotype, everyone is different. I’m sorry if I offended anyone with my answers but thank you for sending in your thoughts! I think it’s wonderful that you are in love & getting married, Congrats!

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someday we&#8217;ll do Christmas photos of us all wrapped in lights :)

someday we’ll do Christmas photos of us all wrapped in lights :)

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I love groomsmen in bowties :]

I love groomsmen in bowties :]

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