A gorgeous winter wedding…


A gorgeous winter wedding…

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Hey! I just read your answer to the question why Christian couples usually get married so young. It's something that frustrates me a lot and I did kind of develop my own theory haha. They know they can't have sex or fool around before they get married so they would rather meet their physical needs and get to the "fun" part before they actually mature spiritually and mentally. I know a lot of those couples, too. S'yea. That's my theory. Which obviously doesn't necessarily hold true for everyone.

Amen! My thoughts exactly. God intended marriage for so much more than that, and I think that to marry someone in order to justify your sexual cravings is to cheapen it- Patience is a virtue, and God will bless you for that. Everything will come in his perfect timing. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :]

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Lately I keep hearing that most people these days are getting married much older. Which doesn't make sense to me because I know SO MANY young couples (like ages 19-21) that are now engaged or getting married next year. All of these couples are Christians. Why do you think the sudden outbreak of engagements and marriages? I'm 19, and It just feels like everywhere I turn someone I know that's my age has a ring on their finger. I just wanted to hear your perspective on all this :)

Ha, I am half-convinced that we have the same friends :] 

This year alone, I have attended 7 weddings & witnessed about 9 engagements… all people that I am either close friends with, or went to high school with- PLUS have dated for like under 2 years… all christians & pretty close to that age bracket. It’s pretty weird. It’s especially strange for me, who is 20 & has been dating my boyfriend (21) for over 6 years now, and still we can’t think of being ready - let alone - financially stable enough to get married..

I have all kinds of theories about this subject because honestly I think about it way too often. For a while there I would be kind of sad every time another friend of mine got engaged… I kept wondering, what are we waiting for, B?!  But then I realized something else- why rush? We are young. We have so much we still need to figure out. And, honestly I really want to know who I am before I can commit my whole life to being in a marriage. Also- we all know guys mature slower than gals, and I really want my man to be able to become that strong, godly husband that I want to be able to lean on someday! So I’m learning not to rush it, and to really enjoy this time - but also to be 100% sure of the one that God has for you because marriage is a once & forever deal. 

Thanks for this question, by the way :)

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My Dear Friends, Will & Diana Harper. They became Mr. & Mrs. in October this year. How stunning is she? Love you two. :] Photography by David Stells.

My Dear Friends, Will & Diana Harper. They became Mr. & Mrs. in October this year. How stunning is she? Love you two. :] Photography by David Stells.

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Adam Barnes Photography + Ruffled Shop = Bliss via {TheBridesCafe} - I agree!!!

P.S. I am 99% sure that I grew up going to church with the gentleman in this shoot. If I am right, his name is Devin… I have to find out for sure! :-) 

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{The Workshop Experience: Fall 2011} with Katelyn James

Last month I had the pleasure of working with Miss Katelyn James of Katelyn James Photography. It was a last minute thing really but I was lucky enough to be able to meet her & help style this incredible photography workshop! The goal was to incorporate a classical music theme & incorporate seasonal touches. We ended up using a lot of plum purple, old sheet music, autumn fruits, and a little holiday sparkle. Of course, Janie at JMFlora provided all of the lovely florals… isn’t she great?!

I had a lovely time setting up the night before with Katelyn. The “models” are actually a real couple who were photographed by Katelyn when they were married a year ago- in this same venue! Although I cannot take any credit for their gorgeousness- I thought I would include them in the photos… Enjoy! :) 

Photography by Katelyn James Photography

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12 Gold Stars…

Head over to Grey Likes Weddings to check out their gorgeous golden gift guide! I have a major obsession with anything golden… love!

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